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Nights of Whiskey and Roses

taking it in here in chicago...

Mark Anthony
8 December 1967
External Services:
  • mark40e@livejournal.com
HOW I MAKE a little MONEY: i work as a loan officer/mortgage broker, lending in most of the 50 states from CA to IL/midwestern states, and downward to FL. if you need a mortgage or have questions...PLEASE - do not hesitate to ask. i'll be sure to help any way i can.


If you add me, please say so - it's always nice to go through that "hello" formality.


I can be emailed at:


I'm also on Friendster: mark40e

i sell my photos! if you see something you like, please let me know - i sell signed copies for varying prices from $55 up to $125 (for various sizes). framing options also available!

if you are in chicago or nearby, i'll be happy to meet, so i can personally hand you the photo, thank you for having an interest in my stuff, and buy you a drink - or many.




I live here in the city (Chicago) - I am often at Sayat Nova, Orso's on Wells, Starbucks on Rush (trend spot, but hey, the coffees are pretty good), Redno5, Jydenka, Gejas, now and then and eat often at Lou Malnatis and Pizanos...

Summertime is great in Chicago, but the winters leave me frozen...

I am always looking out for new models to shoot with and use the photos for books that I put together (LOOKING FOR PUBLISHER...).

This Live Journal is a collection of my work for the latest project which is called:
Nights of Whiskey and Roses. Writings and photographs revolve around my experiences, insights, travel
and people.


Places i've consumed Jacks and Cokes:
Illinois; Chicago, Bloomington, Normal, Champagne, Peoria, Decatur, Danville, Sugar Grove, Shirley
New York; Manhattan
New Jersey
Florida; Miami/South Beach, Key West, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Meyers, West Palm Beach, Daytona, Orlando, Isla Mirada, Boca Raton, Cocoa Beach
California; San Francisco, Mill Valley, Miur Woods, Oakland/Berkely, Los Angeles, San Diego
New Orleans
Ohio; University of Ohio
Texas; Dallas, Houston
Arizona; Tuscon, Phoenix
Nevada; Las Vegas
Kentucky; Louisville
Missouri; St. Louis, Kansas City
Iowa; Des Moines, Iowa City
Michigan; South Haven, Ypsilanti, Detroit Metro, Kalamazoo, Saugutuck, Clinton, Pontiac, Marquette, Gay, Copper Harbor, Flint
Indiana; Indianapolis, Michigan City, Bloomington
Wisconsin; Milwaukee, Madison,
Kansas; Kansas City

Japan; Tokyo, Ginza
Thailand; Bangkok, Koh Sumoi, Koh Phagnan, Phat Phong

Netherlands; Amsterdam
England; London, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Iceland; Reykjavik, Keflavik


Quintana Roo/Riviera Maya
Playa Del Carmen
Chichen Itza/Mayan Ruins

and i think i've been to Mars a few times. but
i can't be sure...


Other books I have written - also in need of a publisher:
She Wore Coco
Cab Rides at 3am
My Few Minutes
Rudy and Mike

If you are, or know of a good publisher who'd like to review my work and photography, please do let me know. A little help is always nice in this world.
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