Mark Anthony (mark40e) wrote,
Mark Anthony

got to get east of the sun

saugatuck; MI


it never fails.

when i'm at the grocery store,
the person in front of me
always has some customer service issue
which requires a manager intervention
after long drawn out explanations
by the clerk as to why strawberries
are .10 more then they were 18 years ago.

a simple trip to ronald mcdonald's
or the burger king
always includes some lady counting
out $4.82 in pennies
and nickels
only to find out she's 6 cents short.

when i ask for a burger,
no pickles,
no cheese,
the cashier always asks,
"do you want cheese on that?"

"no pickles,
no cheese"
i'll say.

then. the burger arrives. no cheese,
but extra pickles. of course.

there are the bad drivers. the bad
cops (talking on their cell phones
as they run through red lights
and neighborhood stop signs),
and the bad
from half assed service clerks
trying to sell me wireless internet
over the phone.

life can be a real bitch
if you let it creep up on you
that way.

there's plenty
to be pissed about
when you look out the window
and think about it.

rising gas prices,
lower satisfactions...

black on black crime. white collar
corruption. back street drug deals
and top 10 radio
that gets worse with each passing week.

every now and then
i find myself just east
of the sun though.

the colors
of the sky shine just right.

"have a nice day"
someone will say to me. and for once
i'll notice that it really is.

"same to you"
i might say,
"the very same to you..."

and i'll walk out on to the sidewalk
with my bag of goods...not even wondering
how long it's all going to last.
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