Mark Anthony (mark40e) wrote,
Mark Anthony

more and more

south haven; michigan


more and more
i get the feeling that when it's all over
things will be much the same as when we were here.

too much undiscovered beauty
and never enough appreciation for the things we'd found.

when it's all said and done
there will be much more to be said and done...ha ha.

even now
my guess is that 85% of the earth's population
as if they finally realize
that THIS IS IT. a certain acceptance
that the only magic that ever existed
was imagined
in the follies of youth.

less than 1% of the people you meet
truly savor
their life...and more importantly
their surroundings. a slow,
easy savoring as it all unfolds. even
when it folds the wrong way.

that 1% fully realize
that the people
who seem to dislike them
are simply trying to change them. they
have an understanding of the places
they should not be. and this matters
because they shrug off
disasterous situations
and people in ways that count.

the rest fall in to varying degrees
of denial
and mild,
yet functional psychosis.

you are safest
when hanging with either
the 85% crowd
or the 1% crowd.

skip the rest.

because when it's all said
and done
you will hopefully
have done more than most,

or accepted your limitations with grace.

all you can along the way. but don't
go looking for it.

let it flow in to you
as easy as a sunset,
or a soft rush of water
just drifting on by.

more and more
i get the feeling that when it's
all over, you and i will be standing there. grinning. and
staring at simple beauty
in ways we could have



patience. it's easing towards us
even now...
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