Mark Anthony (mark40e) wrote,
Mark Anthony

no need to fake life so seriously



i don't have anything to prove.

in fact,
if i did,
i did it a long time ago. and what i display
every day is a now scaled back,
slowed down version
of my former versions,

which were always recycled
and revised to meet ever changing pychological demands.


but just a little weaker
with each passing year.

it's OK by me though. i believe i have better
stamina now. expending less energy,

preserving the bursts for the
moments that count - ha ha...

when i meet a group of new people,
i believe something is subtracted from my overall being. so i tend
to stick to the crowds i know, the places
i frequent,
and the faces i am all too familiar with.

the most beautiful women
i've met
have often been the most insecure.

the most handsome of men
have often been the most evil...or so dumb
that their effects delivered
evil, disgusting results.

i like simple people. beautiful
on the inside first.

the other kinds can continue
their lives of
fanciful despair. corroding
their surroundings
as they boast of their pomp
and circumstance.

i say there's no need to
fake life so seriously. no need
to mask shortcomings
with big words
and disguised failures.

grow what's inside. or the things
you already know.

the rest will take care of itself. and when it doesn't,
the reality will be that there is
more to learn. less to fake.

and a hell of a lot more fun
to be had
when you have an idea
where you are going
and know just where
you've been.
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