Mark Anthony (mark40e) wrote,
Mark Anthony

from russia, with love (rainy changes)

over chicago


she's an older woman
from russia...telling me bits of her story.

"i come to chicago
in 1997. i leave my husband. i leave my family. i think
to start again in america."

but another marriage soon after her arrival
left her exactly where she was running from.

no husband. little money. and fewer options.

"my american husband
was a bum! he drink. he mean to me. he tell me 'you work'. i tell him

she tells me she quickly left him. married for less
than a year before she ventured out on her own again.

now she's too old to start over
and too young to retire.

"12 more years i retire. and i want it to hurry. but that is wrong. no one
should want hurry get old."

i sip my coffee and look out the window. i understand her somehow.

i have a few years left in my own window. if i am to start over
it has to be now. i'd hate to reach an age where i just wish to hurry
and get old. i want life to last. to stretch it out
as long as possible.

there is hope in change. and there is defeat in stagnation.

being smart is the tricky part. knowing
when to hold

when to fold

and when to run
comes not only with an open mind
but with enough cash to pull you through.

i look out the window once more. it's getting dark. rainy too...

i sure as hell don't plan on running to russia...ha ha. but
i do plan to start again.

something terrifying
and exciting in the thoughts of it all.

in life we can do the right thing
or we can do nothing.

but eventually we must all do what is required
or we'll wither in the wind.

the rain is getting stronger now. but somehow,
so is my resolve.

there is always more to the story.
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