Mark Anthony (mark40e) wrote,
Mark Anthony


lincoln park zoo; chicago


it's time
to take it easy.

it's time
to kick back,
take a nap,

wake up whenever

and go no place
that requires me to be in any sort of a hurry.
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ya still doing the volunteer thing at the zoo?

i haven't had time for the zoo
unfortunately. i miss it!

BTW i'll be at victor on friday...are you guys
gonna be there??

Actually no - we just heard he got Goyk.
He did ask Seph first but he had an event - but then our client changed the time and we then could of gone but Hamed had already got him. I wonder if it will be Goyk or one of his people?

I would of like to have seen you, it has been awhile...
sometimes it is time to take it easy....
is definitely that time...

on a side note. i just wanted to tell you how much you have inspired me. everytime i see something you wrote. i get this feeling that i should keep up with my own. so i put down little poems or sayings in my big journal book at home and write. not only that but you always have a smile with your words and even tho i can't see the smile, i know it's there.
Hello are u?
what about ur book...i was thinking about it when i was in is ur life?
miss everybody in LJ...
miss ur pics...
i have new pics welcome to my lj)
HEY! so are you back in turkey now?

book is still in process. ran in to issues with time and money - but i'm still plugging away. i'll let you know.

welcome back to LJ!

I love it and it suits how I'm feeling right now. Welcome back to my life:)
hola and hello again!

*waiting for summer now*...

You're in the right mindset. Spring is just around the corner, and then, the lazy days of summer~!

That is a great photo.
thanks - yeah...can't wait for summer!!