Mark Anthony (mark40e) wrote,
Mark Anthony

believe it or not

WTF; chicago


i am the smartest person
i've ever met.


i mean,
i cannot solve complex math problems
create masterful spreadsheets of data
with charts and graphs and creative headers.

but i sure as hell know
what's what
and how the how
gets to be
or not be
when the going gets going.

you can't get rock hard abs in just 3 minutes a day. you
can't beat the IRS by calling an 800 number over lunch. and a vermont
teddy bear for valentine's day is likely to get you dumped
with tomorrow's trash.

i know that on our worst day,
we can learn more from a 3 minute song on the radio
than in 25 years of higher learning.

becomes an excercise in imagining nothing terrible
or strangely offensive has happened.

as humans
we can go from mad-passionate-love,
to desperate...fucking some stranger for comfort
in just one week's time. life really moves
that fast.

despite what the tree-huggers say,
the earth has been here long
before us...and will linger long
after we've faded away. the meek will not inherit
anything except
higher taxes
and maybe better whiskey.

eventually nothing really works.

but the good thing
is that there is always something new to try. some new
way of doing it. some new way of fucking, fucking up,
or somehow succeeding just before you fail again.

all of this is so easy
and gentle to realize. like a slow rising
of cigarette smoke over coffee.

i am the smartest person i've ever met. maybe the smartest person
on earth.

damn...ha ha. feels good.

and i'll bet
if you're reading this to the end,
you're probably pretty damn smart too. maybe the smartest
person you've ever met. maybe even the 2nd smartest person
on the face of this lovely,
never-ending earth...

to the
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