Mark Anthony (mark40e) wrote,
Mark Anthony

thoughts at 1248am

south haven, MI


the next time you think of me
consider that i am just a man
like any other man. the way one man
on survival
through desire,
well guided intentions
and misguided results.

sometimes i drink too much
and sometimes i drink entirely too little. i've been to bed with hundreds
of women,
most of whom remained good friends for many,
many years.

i have a hard time sleeping in february, i never liked
hollywood movies,

and i love being lost in new cities...

i may have pounded the daylights out of r. giles
in the 7th grade,
but i cried like a baby
when my oldest cat finally died.

i despise traffic even more than the humans trapped there.

are eventually found out. and isn't it dreadful
when they finally are.

the next ten people you pass on the street
will have more secrets than you. or perhaps a few less...

and the next time i think of you
i'll consider that you've got perhaps more desire
than love. but more love
than hope.

and somewhere in there
we're bound to find something
that can linger
when everything we struggle against
slips mysteriously away.
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