Mark Anthony (mark40e) wrote,
Mark Anthony

did somebody say "fuck it"?



...and the sleeping people
are asleep once more
as you trickle out in to the night. curious,
but not hungry. enlightened
but not bored. ready,
yet still not quite sure.

in a moment,
you may wonder if there is anyone out there who thinks
you. but then you figure
there must be many...and the ones who don't
can't be bothered over anyhow.

you laugh about absurdity

and catch up with your friends
as the city burns.

burns with curiosity. burns with hunger. buzzes
with boredom.

and as you lift the glass
you are damn well sure that no one does it
quite like you. and even if they did,
somehow it wouldn't be the same.

"fuck it"
you finally think to yourself,
"i'm just a little nuts - but hey,
that's A-OK"

and before you know it the night is in full swing. you're glad to be out there
and you're glad when that bartender floats you another drink.

you're glad to not be mel gibson. glad to not be your neighbor. glad
to not be anyone but you,

and damn glad that life can be lived while you are living
instead of dying.

"traffic jams are for suckers"
i've often thought.

and every once in a while
it's ok
to slap yourself in the head and yell "oh fuck,
not again!"

because you know that even if you're not quite ready,
you're still pretty damn sure.

and THAT plus a couple of bucks
is still more than enough
to get you on the bus...
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